What is the business value of design?

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Short description of your company/organisation:
Zuiderlicht is the biggest design agency in Limburg. We provide graphic design, interaction design and design consulting. We work with a multidisciplinary team of around 25 people.

Describe the challenge you are facing:
We are looking for students who would like to investigate the ways in which design van bring value to business, how business perceive design and the maturity of the companies considering to design.

Why is the challenge important to your company/organisation?
If we have a better idea of how companies see design and the way they value it, we can better align with company needs and provide better services.

Are you looking for one student or a team of students?
Could be done by a team of students or an individual. We have no preference.

What are the language requirements to work on this challenge?
Dutch and English.

How many hours do you estimate this challenge might take?
Doing the research: 60 hours, making a report: 40 hours.

More info: https://www.zuiderlicht.nl/

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