Students who want to begin a startup

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Name of company/organisation:
Brightlands Innovation Factory (BIF)

Link to website:

Short description of your company/organisation:
The Brightlands Innovation Factory runs programs that aid startups in very early phases - when there is a team and/or an idea - and to bring that to a clearly defined business value proposition that can form the basis for applying or initial subsidies and loans

Describe the challenge you are facing:
We are looking for students who want to learn about entrepreneurship and think they may want to start their own company. You can work on your own startup idea, or on one of the ideas of other students or our partners.

Why is the challenge important to your company/organisation?
BIF exists to teach entrepreneurship and help startups being successful and we’d like to see more students trying entrepreneurship and starting their own companies

Are you looking for one student or a team of students?
Both individuals and teams are welcome. Teams should be open to adding additional members. Individuals should be open to be paired in teams with other students.

What are the language requirements to work on this challenge?

How many hours do you estimate this challenge might take?
Ideally students are available close to full time for a 10 week period in which the initial startup will be created. After that, it is up to the students if they want to continue the startup during or after their studies.

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