Start-up looking for new markets for 3D printable polymer cement

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Syromould is a start-up of Brightlands Innovation Factory. We developed a unique material which makes it possible to work with cement in the same way as polymers. This new material can be used to produce very fine structures by both injection moulding and 3D printing and gives the product produced the properties of cement. High temperature resistance, anti flamable requirements, outside use of estetic structures are examples of the unique possibilities. Architecture is a first interested market but Syromould wants to investigate other market possibilities. That’s why we are looking for a team of students who can help with market research and go out of the building into these markets to develop the opportunities further. The team works under the name of Syromould. After succesfull market introduction Syromould will need employees for marketing and business development.

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Dear Mr. Delissen,

it sounds really interesting to explore market opportunities for your 3D Moulding, for Syromould. Especially you highlight a follow up employment opportunity, really great as I am a Master student looking for a challenge now, but soon for a long term relation. So I would like to get closer details, can I be doing it in parallel to my studies or is it rather matching full time work?


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Hey Tobi,

thank you for your reaction.
We are looking for a team of 3 or 4 students whoc can work 2 days per week per student. So you can do it parallel to your study. Does this fit?
Can you sent me some more details about your background and motivation?

Kind regards,


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