Product Development

(Wouter van den Berg) #1

The Compound Company

We develop, produce and sell thermoplastic compounds as raw materials for various industries such as Automotive, Building&Construction, Packaging, Solar, etc.

We are looking for an intern to help us develop Biobased compounds for e.g. building products. Biobased, because there is a need for more sustainable products.

We believe that Biobased products are part of the future needs for a more sustainable society, next to recycling.

This is probably a job for one dedicated student

English is a must, all other languages are a bonus

We think that this is a full-time job for a few months

(Elias Garcia Verstraete) #2

Hello Wouter. Is there any specific market in thought for these building blocks at the moment? What kind of properties are intended for such product/material? I imagine, as a student, that availability for us will be limited for longer academic breaks as in July, given that for most of us, our full-time occupation is University.

(Wouter van den Berg) #3

Hi Elias,

Of course I have a specific market in mind, but I don’t put that on public media. During the interview this will be explained in more detail.

Timing-wise: well noted

(Ella Carmi) #4

Hi Wouter,

Any potential new information that you could afford me would be greatly appreciated, this sounds like an incredible learning experience. Please feel free to contact me with any more information or questions about my skills/experience.

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(Wouter van den Berg) #7

Hello Ella,

Thanks for your message. I had some problems with this website, hence my slow reply. Feel free to conatct me via e-mail.