Internships at startups with the Brightlands Innovation Factory

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Name of company/organisation:
Brightlands Innovation Factory

Link to website:

Short description of your company/organisation:
The Brightlands Innovation Factory teaches entrepreneurship to startups, social enterprises and Small Medium Enterprises. We have a portfolio of about 90 startups that have gone through the program that all face challenges that can be addressed during an internship._

Describe the challenge you are facing:
The challenges differ per startup and we will match you to the right startup based on your learning objective, field of study, and interests. Examples of challenges are:

  • Help design the information architecture for a platform that facilitates lending from wealthier individuals to companies in developing countries
  • Create marketing strategy for company that makes skin care products out of egg waste. Initially focused on cosmetics, but in later phases also medical products are needed
  • Programming and data analytics for software company that makes a business suite for the insurance industry that helps facilitate their workflow.

Why is the challenge important to your company/organisation?
The startups are typically very small and have expertise in the specific area they work in, but not adjacent areas that are critical to develop into a successful company. For example, a founder might know a lot about material science, but not about software or business.

Are you looking for one student or a team of students?
Both. We can consider both, teams and individuals

What are the language requirements to work on this challenge?
English required

How many hours do you estimate this challenge might take?
variable depending on the startup we assign you to, but most challenges will be internship length and 3-5 days a week during the internship

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Dear Brightlands Innovation Factory!

Dear BIF,
from 1 to 5, could you please rate the skills in order of preference?

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  • Analytical thinking
  • Design orientation
  • Work under stress; multitasking
  • People skills; team player
  • Industry knowledge


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