How can we motivate our members?

(Neal Cowan) #1

Name of company/organisation:
Kaleido Maastricht

Link to website:

Short description of your company/organisation:
I’m sure that at first glance, you’re wondering what might be the meaning of our movement ‘Kaleido’.

Kaleido is an inclusive student community gradually taking shape. In its final form, Kaleido will be a spot for internationally-minded people to meet – a space where everyone feels welcome and is free to express themselves creatively. In the meantime, we focus on creating one-of-a-kind events and making meaningful connections.

Kaleido is derived from the word Kaleidoscoop which is Greek for ‘beautiful form’. It refers to a sort of telescope-like magical looking glass through which every subject on display changes its colours and its form in a very playful manner. We came up with this name because this is how we see Maastricht – as a magical city that is constantly changing. It is diverse, colourful and very international.

At Kaleido everyone is welcome, no matter what you’re studying, which clothes you’re wearing, what music you listen to, if you’re vegan or a meat-lover. Are you interested in being more active within the Kaleido community? Feel free to reach out to us.

Describe the challenge you are facing:
We are having quite some trouble keeping our volunteers motivated and passionate about the project. We are looking for a small team of students for a ‘think tank’-esque project to see how we might solve this issue.

Why is the challenge important to your company/organisation?
Because community is everything!

Are you looking for one student or a team of students?
a group would be nice!

What are the language requirements to work on this challenge?
Just English is fine.

How many hours do you estimate this challenge might take?
a couple of hours only, I think

(Jeff) #3

Normally the problem with volunteers and their work is because of the hype. The solution here would be to make them invest in the organization by structuring the place with titles and devisions of labor.

(MM) #4

Are group objectives set in stone and periodically reviewed? Are active members assigned tasks related to their personal qualities?

(Tan Tran) #5

rewards are important