How can we maintain a good online reputation?

(Neal Cowan) #1

Recently people have been posting some bad reviews about our hotel. Some of them are based on facts, some of them are entirely made up. How do I go about things being said that are detrimental to our reputation?

COMPANY NAME: Hotel Paradise.

CHALLENGE: Come up with a strategy to deal with reputation issues online.

WE’RE LOOKING FOR: Students with a background in social media marketing and creative writing.

(Neal Cowan) #2

Hi neal.cowan I have a background social media marketing. I currently manage 4 online presences for different projects, and I know about online crisis management. Should we meet to discuss your problem and see how I can be of help?

(Neal Cowan) #3

Hi @neal.cowanstudent that sounds great! Let’s meet for a coffee and discuss. Could you possibly prepare for the meeting by looking at how much time you could invest per week on average? It’s quite urgent and I really want to get this problem under control ASAP.