Do you know the best way to generate advertisement revenue?

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Name of company/organisation:

Link to website:

Short description of your company/organisation:
The project is a student-run initiative for students. The idea for this web-based information portal originated in early 2014 when representatives of the municipality and Maastricht’s educational institutions noticed a lack in information being provided to their (international) student population. In August 2014 the project was picked up and executed by a group of students under supervision of a Maastricht University employee. Six months later, on March 3rd 2015, the project was launched and has since undergone constant development. We collaborate with a plethora of local organisations to ensure the highest quality of content and present a complete overview of what the city of Maastricht has to offer.

Describe the challenge you are facing:
We’re looking for someone to develop & execute an advertisement strategy for us.

Why is the challenge important to your company/organisation?
This challenge is important as it would be nice for the platform to self-sustain itself through revenue of some sort.

Are you looking for one student or a team of students?
Could be done by a team of students or an individual. We have no preference.

What are the language requirements to work on this challenge?
Dutch and English.

How many hours do you estimate this challenge might take?
Developing the strategy: 16 hours, Executing the strategy: 16 hours.

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