Business Development Assignment

(Wouter van den Berg) #1

Yparex BV, part of The Compound Company

We develop, produce and sell thermoplastic compounds which serve as raw materials for various industries such as Autonotive, Building&Construction, Packaging, etc

We are looking for a Business Development role to help us enter a new market

This internship will help us to assess that new market and decide if it is worthwhile to enter

We think that this is an assignment for one student

Good grasp on the English language is vital, all other languages are a bonus

We think this is a full time job for several months

(Ilo Kraft) #2

Dear Wouter,

what kind of skills are you looking for? Are there any laguage specifications?

Thank you!

(Alice Buchner) #3

Dear Wouter,

Which background are you looking for? Would you rather have a business oriented student or one that is more knowledgeable in the topic of thermoplastic compounds?

Thank you very much!
Alice Buchner

(Wouter van den Berg) #4

Thanks for the quick response. English is our corporate language, there are many Dutch people in our company (we are a Dutch company by origin), many people speak German. As this role is quite international, any language is an added bonus

(Wouter van den Berg) #5

Hi Alice,

The BizzDev role is typical a hybrid role where marketing and technical meet. So in practice we usually look for a technically trained student with an interest in the business side of it

(Ilo Kraft) #6

Dear Wouter!

I am attaching my CV for consideration.

CV Ilona Kraft 2018.pdf (427.0 KB)

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